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    • Traveling is a wonderful way to experience life in diverse ways. It is an opportunity to explore new cultures, destinations, and lifestyles, and a remedy for burnout and stress. If you are thinking about traveling or haven’t thought about it before, here are five reasons......

    • Hiking is a popular adventure sport which involves stamina and endurance to hike through the foresty trails to the top of the hill or mountain. It rewards the hikers with amazing surrounding views and the freshness of nature. While the purpose of hiking is to accomplish the task of reaching the summit, there is more to it while you are on the way from your point A to point B. Here are the things that you can do with your hiking companions during the hike.

      Fruit picking

      If you are hiking through a forest, then any place during spring will have some bunches of berries handing around. You may not get your hands on the ones which are closer to the city and streets, but if you go deeper into the forest, you can find plenty of it. Be sure to know that you are not eating any poisonous berries as they can look almost similar to confuse you.


      If you are hiking nearby a river or a stream, there is a high possibility that you will find some native fishes to catch. Check for the permission from the local departments if you need any. You can catch fishes to eat at the campfire when the sun goes down on the first day of the hike.


      Geocaching is a type of treasure hunt in which travellers are hiding objects in random locations around the hiking spots for others to discover them. There are dedicated apps for geocachers which makes it a fun hobby during the hike. You do not have to dig a hole to find the treasures as most geocachers keep them where they are visible. Do not get lost while looking at your app for treasure.


      Of course! Photography has to be on this list as it is one of the activities that you must do during the trip. Awaken your hidden photographer and look for creative frames to capture. There is plenty in nature for you to see and capture. Just do not forget to enjoy the beauty with real eyes when you start clicking pictures.

      Learn about the flora

      When you are in the forest, it is the right time to learn about nature more than any time else. While you can learn a lot from the books, it will be a different experience when the plants and trees are present in front of you. Take the help of an expert who can tell you about the flora or join one of the tourism programs which provide the same service.  


      Tracking the footprints of an animal or playing hide-and-seek in the forest is a fun and adventurous activity. It is a great idea for group hikers to take some time to wander around the trail before reaching the top. There is no special equipment required for tracking, and you can use the natural clues to track back a hidden place or an animal’s den. Although there is risk involved, you can still enjoy the thrill....

    • Did you know that 81% of solo travelers are women? Out of this group, 72% are American women. Out of all female travelers, safety is their number one concern. An estimated 42% of women attributed their reported negative experiences to their gender. Women are more......

    • Camping can be such a fun and relaxing activity for people. It is a chance to get away from it all and enjoy being out in nature. Whether you prefer rustic camping or more modern glamping, you will probably want to plan a few things......

    • Accommodation is one of the most important things that you need to plan and arrange before you travel. We often compromise on accommodation because we focus so much on planning the activities we want to embark on once we get to our destination. But do......

    • Travel is something that we do for both business and for pleasure and it can be a very stressful experience. Safety of your person and your possessions should be something that you take seriously, regardless of where you are traveling to.  Make sure your bags......

    • The reason why many travellers prefer to hike regularly is that it keeps their body fit and healthy for any big trips that they plan over time. But apart from the physical benefits, hiking is also good food for your soul and here is why.

      Helps in dealing with stress

      Hiking can help you relieve your stress and clear your head for some time. Planning a hike over the weekends can help in reducing your blood pressure and cortisol levels that rise up due to the busy work schedule you have for the whole week.

      Gives you a moment to live

      When you complete the struggle of hiking to the top of a mountain, you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of the surrounding valleys and the plains. You can live in the present and connect with nature. Everything will seem clear and direct in-between nature.

      Improves the memory

      Studies show that people who spend time in natural settings by hiking or being a part of any adventure sport develop a better memory as compared to those who follow a fixed daily routine. Hikers have a better memory and recollection ability than regular people.

      Gives your time to solve problems

      If you have a problem than has been bothering you, it is suggested by the researchers that you go for a hike to seek the answers. Hiking provides you with cognitive resources which build your ability of problem-solving. It frees up more brainpower and improves creativity to help think widely.

      Improves sleep quality

      Hiking provides 28% more energy consumption than plain terrain walking. It also removes the new age stimuli that we are exposed to throughout the day and before going to bed. This helps in better sleeping patterns and also restoring the energy levels the right way.

      Makes you happier

      Hiking in nature reduces the rumination that is responsible for all the negativity in the body. All the negative thoughts vanish when you are in-between nature, and we feel much happier about ourselves.

      Reduces anxiety and depression

      Hiking also helps in reducing the anxiety levels in the body and lowering the depression. You can meet new people during your hike, which will also build your confidence in dealing with strangers. It is a natural mood booster.

      Makes you humble

      Every new hike will give you a different experience and will make you wonder about our existence and the world overall. It will make you more humble and open to new perspectives. You will have heightened gratefulness for life overall.

      Builds connections

      When you hike with your friends, you start developing a strong bond together as you help each other out through the obstacles of the hike. You also meet new people who can become your close friends in the future....

    • Hiking is a pretty recreational activity which fills your body, mind, and soul with positivity. It is a fun adventure which offers solo travellers or a group of friends to explore nature and reach the summit to witness a mesmerizing view. There are many hiking destinations in the world, but not all of them have good accommodation facilities nearby. If you want to have the luxury of a comforting hotel near the hike so you can enjoy a great hot water bath after the trip, then these are the hotels than you should check out.

      Fairmont Chateau Lake Lousie, Alberta, Canada

      Lake Lousie offers popular trails for hikers around it, like the Beehive and Plain of the 6 Glaciers. The Fairmount Chateau is a luxury hotel on the shores of the lake, which is one of the best hiking hotels in the world.

      Explora Patagonia, Chile

      Patagonia is a famous hiking destination in Chile which offers the beautiful Salto Chico waterfalls and Paine Massif mountains. Explora Patagonia is an all-inclusive resort which is located in the centre of Torres del Paine National Park. It is the best hotel for your stay when you try out this hike.

      Rifugio Lagazuoi, Dolomites, Italy

      Rifugio Lagazuoi is the best place to stay in the Dolomites when you are planning a trip for an adventurous hike there. The hotel is 2,750m above sea level and offers a beautiful mountain view that you cannot afford to miss in this lifetime.

      The Scarlet Hotel, Cornwall, UK

      If you are fond of hiking next to the seas over the granite stacks, then this is an option for you. Not all people will like to hike on this coastline trail during summer, but it will surely provide a great accommodation facility in the Scarlet Hotel.

      Huangshan Yupinglou Hotel, Huangshan, China

      The famous Avatar movie was shot in the mountains of Huangshan. It offers a great place for hiking and has a great accommodation facility in the Huangshan Yupinglou Hotel. You get an incredible view from any window of this hotel.

      Kasbah Tamadot, Atlas Mountains, Morocco

      Kasbah Tamadot is one of the most luxurious hotels around Africa which offers a great hiking trail to the Atlas Mountains range. It is the most popular hikes in Mount Toubkal and the highest peak in North Africa. The hotel provides the luxury of two infinity pools, and an art gallery to enjoy after a relaxing spa session.

      Amangani, Wyoming, USA

      Amangami is known as one of the most beautiful mountaintop resorts in the world. The hotel offers an open view of the Grand Teton Mountains and the surrounding valleys. All the rooms in the hotel provide an equal view of the hotel. The hotel also provides direct hiking activities and plenty of adventure sports....

    • Packing for a long hiking trip can get confusing and stressing when you do not know what exactly you will need during the trip. It results in either overpacking or forgetting some important items at home. Long-distance packing needs much more attention than quick hikes as you are away from your home for a long time, and you will need every important thing, like medicines, during your journey to avoid any trouble. Here are the necessary common things that a long-distance hiking trip will need. This list is only the necessary items. You also need to keep space for other things that differ on individual needs.

      Lightweight Tent

      You must have the lightweight backpacking tent for a long trip as you will need to camp down during the night and you need something which can protect you from animals and cold winds.

      Sleeping bag

      A synthetic sleeping back will help you stay warm on the cold grounds during the night. It is a must-have for hiking to cold places.

      Camping stove kit

      Carry a camping stove with a cooking pot and a set of matches in the journey to be able to cook food when you feel hungry.

      Pocket knife

      A pocket knife can be helpful in many ways, including chopping down vegetables, peeling the firewood, and also protecting yourself in some cases.

      Water filter bottle

      Choose a good quality water filter bottle to be able to clean the water from the stream or a river to make it drinkable in case of emergencies.

      Walking sticks

      A walking pole or stick will help you to climb the mountains much much ease as it will work as your third foot to relieve your legs from the strain of your backpack and your body.

      Quick-dry clothes

      Keep a pair of quick-dry t-shirts for trekking and a pair of shorts as well. Carry as fewer clothes as you can as you will not feel the need for changing clothes in the wild.

      Warm padded jackets

      If you are travelling to a cold place or a rainy region, you will need a good jacket that can protect you from cold and rain. Make sure that the jacket is not too heavy to become a burden for you.


      Keep all your necessary electronics like power banks, extra batteries, camera, and chargers. IF you are carrying a laptop, make sure to keep the connecting wires(USB cables) as well.

      Waterproof pouches

      These pouches will help keep your money, ID, maps, electronic devices, and guidebooks safe in case of rainfall or river crossing.


      Keep a solar or kinetic power charging torch that you can use during the hike at night time. Having a lighter is also recommended as both will work as light and fire providing instruments....

    • The end of summer is around the corner, but there is still time to embrace sunny days and warmer temperatures. If you’re considering a mountain biking trip, you’ll want to take some time to get yourself prepared. But if you are like many other people......

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