6 Fun Activities for Hikers

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6 Fun Activities for Hikers

Hiking is a popular adventure sport which involves stamina and endurance to hike through the foresty trails to the top of the hill or mountain. It rewards the hikers with amazing surrounding views and the freshness of nature. While the purpose of hiking is to accomplish the task of reaching the summit, there is more to it while you are on the way from your point A to point B. Here are the things that you can do with your hiking companions during the hike.

Fruit picking

If you are hiking through a forest, then any place during spring will have some bunches of berries handing around. You may not get your hands on the ones which are closer to the city and streets, but if you go deeper into the forest, you can find plenty of it. Be sure to know that you are not eating any poisonous berries as they can look almost similar to confuse you.


If you are hiking nearby a river or a stream, there is a high possibility that you will find some native fishes to catch. Check for the permission from the local departments if you need any. You can catch fishes to eat at the campfire when the sun goes down on the first day of the hike.


Geocaching is a type of treasure hunt in which travellers are hiding objects in random locations around the hiking spots for others to discover them. There are dedicated apps for geocachers which makes it a fun hobby during the hike. You do not have to dig a hole to find the treasures as most geocachers keep them where they are visible. Do not get lost while looking at your app for treasure.


Of course! Photography has to be on this list as it is one of the activities that you must do during the trip. Awaken your hidden photographer and look for creative frames to capture. There is plenty in nature for you to see and capture. Just do not forget to enjoy the beauty with real eyes when you start clicking pictures.

Learn about the flora

When you are in the forest, it is the right time to learn about nature more than any time else. While you can learn a lot from the books, it will be a different experience when the plants and trees are present in front of you. Take the help of an expert who can tell you about the flora or join one of the tourism programs which provide the same service.



Tracking the footprints of an animal or playing hide-and-seek in the forest is a fun and adventurous activity. It is a great idea for group hikers to take some time to wander around the trail before reaching the top. There is no special equipment required for tracking, and you can use the natural clues to track back a hidden place or an animal’s den. Although there is risk involved, you can still enjoy the thrill.

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