The Most Beautiful Hiking Destination Hotels in The World

The Most Beautiful Hiking Destination Hotels in The World

Hiking is a pretty recreational activity which fills your body, mind, and soul with positivity. It is a fun adventure which offers solo travellers or a group of friends to explore nature and reach the summit to witness a mesmerizing view. There are many hiking destinations in the world, but not all of them have good accommodation facilities nearby. If you want to have the luxury of a comforting hotel near the hike so you can enjoy a great hot water bath after the trip, then these are the hotels than you should check out.

Fairmont Chateau Lake Lousie, Alberta, Canada

Lake Lousie offers popular trails for hikers around it, like the Beehive and Plain of the 6 Glaciers. The Fairmount Chateau is a luxury hotel on the shores of the lake, which is one of the best hiking hotels in the world.

Explora Patagonia, Chile

Patagonia is a famous hiking destination in Chile which offers the beautiful Salto Chico waterfalls and Paine Massif mountains. Explora Patagonia is an all-inclusive resort which is located in the centre of Torres del Paine National Park. It is the best hotel for your stay when you try out this hike.

Rifugio Lagazuoi, Dolomites, Italy

Rifugio Lagazuoi is the best place to stay in the Dolomites when you are planning a trip for an adventurous hike there. The hotel is 2,750m above sea level and offers a beautiful mountain view that you cannot afford to miss in this lifetime.

The Scarlet Hotel, Cornwall, UK

If you are fond of hiking next to the seas over the granite stacks, then this is an option for you. Not all people will like to hike on this coastline trail during summer, but it will surely provide a great accommodation facility in the Scarlet Hotel.

Huangshan Yupinglou Hotel, Huangshan, China

The famous Avatar movie was shot in the mountains of Huangshan. It offers a great place for hiking and has a great accommodation facility in the Huangshan Yupinglou Hotel. You get an incredible view from any window of this hotel.

Kasbah Tamadot, Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Kasbah Tamadot is one of the most luxurious hotels around Africa which offers a great hiking trail to the Atlas Mountains range. It is the most popular hikes in Mount Toubkal and the highest peak in North Africa. The hotel provides the luxury of two infinity pools, and an art gallery to enjoy after a relaxing spa session.

Amangani, Wyoming, USA

Amangami is known as one of the most beautiful mountaintop resorts in the world. The hotel offers an open view of the Grand Teton Mountains and the surrounding valleys. All the rooms in the hotel provide an equal view of the hotel. The hotel also provides direct hiking activities and plenty of adventure sports.

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