What to Pack and How for A Long Distance Hiking Trip

What to Pack and How for A Long Distance Hiking Trip

Packing for a long hiking trip can get confusing and stressing when you do not know what exactly you will need during the trip. It results in either overpacking or forgetting some important items at home. Long-distance packing needs much more attention than quick hikes as you are away from your home for a long time, and you will need every important thing, like medicines, during your journey to avoid any trouble. Here are the necessary common things that a long-distance hiking trip will need. This list is only the necessary items. You also need to keep space for other things that differ on individual needs.

Lightweight Tent

You must have the lightweight backpacking tent for a long trip as you will need to camp down during the night and you need something which can protect you from animals and cold winds.

Sleeping bag

A synthetic sleeping back will help you stay warm on the cold grounds during the night. It is a must-have for hiking to cold places.

Camping stove kit

Carry a camping stove with a cooking pot and a set of matches in the journey to be able to cook food when you feel hungry.

Pocket knife

A pocket knife can be helpful in many ways, including chopping down vegetables, peeling the firewood, and also protecting yourself in some cases.

Water filter bottle

Choose a good quality water filter bottle to be able to clean the water from the stream or a river to make it drinkable in case of emergencies.

Walking sticks

A walking pole or stick will help you to climb the mountains much much ease as it will work as your third foot to relieve your legs from the strain of your backpack and your body.

Quick-dry clothes

Keep a pair of quick-dry t-shirts for trekking and a pair of shorts as well. Carry as fewer clothes as you can as you will not feel the need for changing clothes in the wild.

Warm padded jackets

If you are travelling to a cold place or a rainy region, you will need a good jacket that can protect you from cold and rain. Make sure that the jacket is not too heavy to become a burden for you.


Keep all your necessary electronics like power banks, extra batteries, camera, and chargers. IF you are carrying a laptop, make sure to keep the connecting wires(USB cables) as well.

Waterproof pouches

These pouches will help keep your money, ID, maps, electronic devices, and guidebooks safe in case of rainfall or river crossing.


Keep a solar or kinetic power charging torch that you can use during the hike at night time. Having a lighter is also recommended as both will work as light and fire providing instruments.

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